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Connecting the Dental Community
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Esthetica Dental Exchange was founded in 2009 as a Limited Liability Company with private ownership. The name Esthetica was chosen due to the common use of the word "esthetics" by dental professionals, and Dental Exchange represents the company's dedication to improving exchange and commerce in the dental community. Esthetica Dental Exchange and its executive team have immersed themselves in the dental industry for over six years. As a result the company has an intimate knowledge of the dental industry and the challenges both dentists and dental lab owners face; more specifically the challenges of sales and marketing. "After working with lab owners, I realized obtaining new business was not easy, especially for smaller dental labs," says Brian Pack, COO of Esthetica Dental Exchange. "I am so passionate about this industry and the work these great artisans do. Esthetic Dental Exchange was founded to help these artisans expand their marketing reach and strengthen their position in the industry."

Mission, Vision, & Values
The mission of Esthetica Dental Exchange is to connect the dental community and help dental professionals grow and develop their practices. The vision for Esthetica Dental Exchange is to grow into the largest sales, marketing, and business solutions influence in the dental industry within the next five years. Esthetica Dental Exchange values innovation, resourcefulness, listening (to the market), intuitive technology, high quality, professionalism, commitment, leadership, philanthropy, and esthetics.

Business Model
  • Patients: Prospective patients can search for, compare, and review dentists by location, price, specialties, or accreditations. Patients will have access to promotions offered by dentists and will be able to rate their interaction to give guidance to other prospective patients.
  • Dentists: Through a personalized portal, dentists can market their services and promotions to prospective patients. Dentists can access a nationwide database to search for, compare, and review dental labs and accept any promotional deals they offer.
  • Dental Labs: Dental labs market their services to a nationwide network of dentists through a personalized profile page and promotional deals, thus extending their market reach across the United States.
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